❝ The devil
could never
love hell
the way
I love you. ❞

— ||  Maza-Dohta
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❝ I get drunk on dreams and choke on real life. ❞

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❝ Note to self: “I love you” does not mean “I won’t ever leave you. ❞

— Note 1. (via fragmentallygirl)


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shake it out // a mix for when you wanna punch the walls and kick the house down and drive all night until you reach the stars or the sea, whichever comes first. they plead to you, don’t run away, but you’re already gone, gone, gone. shake it out, kid. it’s gonna be alright. 

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good riddance // meant no harm // i'm here // afterlife // quake // wrong

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❝ You almost convinced me I mattered. ❞

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I love you
let it count for something
even if it’s not enough


❝ I want you. I want your sleepy confused look when you wake up, and the smile that follows. I want to be the warmth that fills the space in your bed. I don’t want to share you. ❞

— Unknown (via concio)
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make me choose | anonymous asked: Nian or Weskin

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